Our Philosophy

Whether you have a vision of what you want your site to look like or you have no clue where to begin, our philosophy is to help you complete every step of the design process successfully. We aim to work together with you as a unit to create a visually stimulating as well as incredible user-friendly site. We will give you suggestions to better help you understand the process of creating your site as well as answer any questions you may have along the way.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellent customer service while creating a unique, personalized website to best represent you and your business on the internet. Your particular desires and needs are always a top priority. We do all we can to give you personal service and take the time to talk to you, gather your information, your tastes, and your passions to fulfill our mission.

Our Vision

Simple and Modern: Our sites are created to have modern and professional feel to them.

Fast and Functional: Creating user-friendly and easy to navigate websites is what we aim for as well as sites that load quickly.

Affordable: Our prices are competitive and affordable. We will work with you if you have a budget to create a website that meets you needs.

Our Process Is Simple

1. Plan

Gathering information is key in the planning phase. We begin with a simple Project Planner form to gather as much information as we can that includes important key elements such as your goals, your target audience, and detailed feature requests you may have. We will offer useful suggestions from our experience building sites as we go along with this information gathering process.

2. Design

The design phase centers around building the framework for your site. Here is where the layout and design of your site comes to life. Several mock-ups will be provided to you as updates throughout the design process until a final layout has been agreed upon. Once we get the green light from you, we begin coding the framework for your site.

3. Develop

After coding, comes programming and loading of your content to the site. We will make sure all pages are in working order, test any special features and interactivity that were implemented into the coding, and make sure we didn’t miss anything visually or functionally.

4. Launch

Preparing your site to be viewed by the public is the last and final step. In this phase, your site will be moved to a permanent Web server. We will also run final diagnostics using code validators, broken-link checkers,  and website health check,  among other tools. Finally, we will run final web browser checks to make sure your site looks the part in all different web browsers.

Meet The Team

David Matthews

David Matthews

Founder / Web Developer

David Matthews excels in HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, and PHP. He enjoys creating sites that have a modern edge, easy to use, and always looks to add that special something to make his sites stand out from the crowd.

Davel Matthews

Davel Matthews

Head Designer

David’s younger brother, Davel Matthews, is a hybrid designer and developer. He has immersed himself into the world of web development under the guidance of David. His skills include graphic design, coding, and Javascript.

Iris Tavarez

Iris Tavarez

Business Manager

With a strong background in office administration, Iris Tavarez oversees all important administration and financial processes of Camayah Studios. She works on project tracking and analysis, as well as managing record keeping